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Welcome to TFT-VT

The most advanced form of Thought Field Therapy (TFT)

THE Tapping Therapy.

Sean Quigley TFT-VT is one of a select number of professionals who have been personally and preferentially trained and authorised by Dr. Roger Callahan (Inventor and founder of TFT) to use Voice Technology.

TFT-VT is Fast, Safe and Permanent.

Because VT treatment is done over the telephone the treatment is available worldwide.

Every day you delay getting treated is one day too long.

VT can also diagnose individual energy toxins (IET)’ s please go to the toxins page for more information.


Please contact Sean for a free initial consultation on

+44 (0)7899 818905.


“I have found Sean to be an amazingly caring man, who helped me to recover from an operation when I felt extremely sick.

By using TFT, he also taught me how to speed up the healing of my wound from the operation. My wound made amazing healing progress within one week.

Thank you so much Sean”.

Lisa Taylor


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